I am a software engineer in robotics currently employed by Aerovel Corporation. I hold a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and I spent my college years doing robotics research. In my free time, I publish here.

This is my personal space, where I blog about my passions – the innovations in technology, social media, and robotics and the companies powering those innovations. Sometimes, I’ll talk about things that don’t quite fit neatly into those categories. If you’re interested in new and exciting technologies, this is the blog for you.


I became interested in robotics and technology in high school, and in 2006 I founded FIRST Team 1923, the MidKnight Inventors, in my senior year. I went to Princeton University to obtain a degree in Electrical Engineering, and early in my freshman year I became involved with PAVE (Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering) a student-led research group.

While at PAVE I was part of Princeton University’s 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge team, one of 35 semi-finalists invited to the National Qualification Event in Victorville, California. Subsequently, I was part of Princeton University’s IGVC teams. In 2008 the team placed 3rd place overall out of 47 teams and was awarded Rookie of the Year. In 2009 the team placed first in the Navigation Challenge, and in 2010, we won first place in the design competition.

From 2008 to 2010 I served as PAVE‘s President, overseeing three major robotics projects as well as marketing and outreach divisions.

In 2010 I joined Aerovel Corporation to develop Flexrotor, a low-cost, VTOL UAV.

In my free time I dabble with web design and development as well as hobby electronics and photography. My other pursuits/interests include cooking, design, entrepreneurship, hiking, history, law, management, social media, travel, and electronic music.

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